“The First Five Minutes After Death: Various Artists Remember Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson” by Todd Pendu (STEREOGUM – 11/29/10)

Various artists including Sasha Grey, Gatekeeper, Zola Jesus, Matmos, Todd Pendu and more, remember Peter ”Sleazy” Christopherson – ”The philosophical direction of my organization Pendu NYC reflects the influence of Sleazy as well as my solo electronics project known as CM (aka Chaos Majik) devoted to exploring ritual in sound as well as themes of sex magick and esotericism. Although I am singularly and individualistically on my own path, it is doubtful that I would be doing what I do now had I not discovered Coil first” – Todd Pendu — Read here >>>

Bouzingo Means Noise: Satan, Anarchy, and Les Jeunes-France by Todd Pendu

Intro from the upcoming book tentatively titled:
Bouzingo Means Noise: Satan, Anarchy, and Les Jeunes-France by Todd Pendu

The Bouzingo were an anti-bourgeois anarchist collective composed of writers and artists who lived and worked in Paris in the 1830’s. They were notorious for pranks and rabble rousing, for brashly playing instruments that they didn’t even know how to play to annoy passer-bys on the streets, for drinking wine from human skulls, and for other acts of defiance of good taste and bourgeois civility. They were also known as Le Petit Cénacle, Les Tartares, Les Frénétiques, and Les Jeunes-France. Later, in the 1840’s they were instrumental in the creation of the infamous Club des Haschischins. Continue reading

“Is PENDV a Cult? Thee PENDVcult: On ART and CULTure” by Todd Pendu

In the words of the great Jack Parsons, we say… “only bohemians, musicians, artists, atheists, anarchists, communists, and Satanists need apply.”

.:. Action and Interaction .:.
.:. Will and Imagination .:.
.:. Eros and Thanatos .:.
.:. Sacred and Profane .:.

PENDV is not literally a cult, but there is a desire here to build a CULTure around certain foundational ideas collaged together to form an eclectic whole. A cult is basically defined as an unconventional group of individuals bound together through a deep devotion to the same ideal. PENDV’s foundation is built upon an intuited eclectic and syncretic collision of ideas and actions steeped in magickal, transcendental, Taoist, anarchistic, and left-hand path tantric thought; it is a reclaiming of these ideas from the world of burn-outs, hippies, and poseurs. This is something different. Yes it’s true, there are no completely new ideas here, I don’t claim to be entirely orginal or to have invented these ideas, but the presentation and combination of these ideas produces something very unique and different. The Major Themes include LE PENDV (THE HANGED-MAN), the TRIAD OF OCCULTISM + ADHOCISM + EROTICISM, ART AS ECSTATIC EXPERIENCE, OSTRANENIE, DYNAMIC ECSTATIC TRANSCENDENTALISM, and THEE AKTIONS OV YES. Continue reading

Slowed-down – Chopped n Screwed – Drag Style (pt. 1)

Florida didn’t innovate the techniques that Houston, Texas’ DJ Screw brought to the style that we know as Chopped and Screwed, but Florida was the first to slow the records down with their “Drag Mixtapes”, making the bass drop even lower for the speakers and giving an eerie feel to the music. I’m not really interested in saying who’s first in the sense of who’s better or whatever, I just find it interesting how something that first had an affect on me over 20 years ago still resonates and has found a place once again in my life with newer music. It’s interesting to me personally to see how these ideas are being appropriated in a new music style that is only a few years old and seems to be international already. Bands such as Mater Suspiria Vision, S4LEM, Fostercare, White Ring, oOoOO, Madden, and others are all using elements of dragged, screwed, and slowed styles in their music for effect. Continue reading